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The Clutch

After running out of the house without my handbag, and not realizing it until I got to work and realized I did not have my badge or my bag, I decided I needed to down-size. Carrying a non-negotiable cup of … Continue reading

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10 Clues Fashion is Your Lifestyle

10. You have prescription sunglasses. 9. You buy stuff just because, it’s on sale (at that price, you’d be stupid not to). 8. After you’ve searched high and low to find an item, you buy it in multiple quantities, so when it … Continue reading

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Tyra Mail! This is UnBeWeaveable.

Tyra Banks is will reveal her natural hair, ditching her weaves for the season 5 premiere of her CW talk show, airing Sept. 8. This season on The Tyra Show we’re taking it to the next level and getting more … Continue reading

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Fashion Is A Way Of Life

I’m not rich, by far. But, I live a fabulous life. Dining, shopping, entertaining, traveling…I love my life! After four months of looking for the perfect apartment, it came down to two. Both the same price, but one was just … Continue reading

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What does a Recessionista Drive?

My car is on bended knee, begging me to get front wheel bearings and rear struts, over $800 worth of work. I just spent over $1100 a few months back. I really want a new(er) car. But, I can’t afford … Continue reading

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It arrived!!

My J. Crew Catalogue arrived today!! Liya is beautiful and did a fabulous job. The spring/summer collection is gorgeous, as usual. The cardigans, cashmere, satin, sequins, embellished tees and pearls sophisticated girly glam that J. Crew has come to be known … Continue reading

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Tale of the Counterfeit Bag Carrying IP Lawyer

I was at a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) last week sitting in a session on intellectual property when I saw the most unbelieveable thing: another lawyer sitting in the same session on intellectual property, carrying a knockoff Louis Vuitton bag! She … Continue reading

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It’s Not Me, It’s You, Darling

I purposefully surround myself with only inspiring and encouraging people and things, which brings out the best in me.  One friend in particular deserves an honorable mention. He is the most positive, reassuring, happy person I know. He’s smart, has a great sense of humor, and … Continue reading

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Read My Lips!

I wanted a space where I could make a big fuss, say what I’m thinking, further discuss what I and my friends are talking about, or, not. Call it two-faced, gossiping, drama-queen-ish, whatever. Here it is.  CAUTION: read at your own risk. What … Continue reading

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