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This Week’s Haute Links

Scandal ended with an unexpected turn in last night’s season finale // Rihanna is suing Topshop for $5 million // Factory owners in Bangladesh, as well as Western apparel retailers, have faced intense pressure from governments, consumers and labor groups … Continue reading

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Gone GaGa

It’s been a long time coming, but I have to admit that I am completely WOWed by Lady Gaga. I’ve been eyeing her style for a while now. Her appearance on last night’s episode of Gossip Girl, in which she performed “Bad … Continue reading

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Will the Real Black Barbie Please Stand Up?

Who do you picture when you think “Black Barbie”? Lil Kim? Beyonce? Gabby Union? Mattel recently created and launched the  “So In Style” (S.I.S., for short) Barbie,  a line of black dolls featuring more “authentic facial characteristics” than the company’s black dolls have in the past, … Continue reading

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Abercrombie and Fierce

After researching bankruptcy and tax law all day long, I am happy to analyze the merits of the suit filed by Abercrombie and Fitch against Beyoncé Knowel, over the right use the name Fierce for her fragrance.   Beyoncé  recently signed a deal … Continue reading

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