Since my prissy little girlhood, I have been be-dazzled— in love with beautiful surroundings, fashion, art and all of the amenities of life. I once wrote this in an essay responding to the question what my ideal job would be:

I want to be the owner of THE go-to boutique for style. Equipped with fashion and accessories for all occasions, an entourage of specialists, in-house stylists, personal shoppers and cosmetologists, Imani Style Company has long been my passion and shall one day be my destiny. There is no such thing as “ugly” at Imani Style. Everyone has a statement to make. To enhance, proclaim, and flaunt is our mission statement.

Funny. Anyway, I studied Journalism/Advertising in undergrad, went to law school, worked in-house for a software company, where I focused mainly on commercial transactions and intellectual property matters, moved to Washington, DC about one year ago (from Iowa by way of Chicago), where I continue to practice law for a living. But, this blog isn’t meant to offer legal advice (see Terms of Use).

I started HAUTE OFF THE PRESS in the early part of 2009 because I love to write and while I do a great deal of writing in my practice, I really wanted an outlet to express myself in other ways. On its pages you will find a combination of spontaneous, light-hearted expressions and informative, analytical articles, all intended to evoke readers and initiate a friendly discourse. I hope you enjoy the contents. Feel free to leave feedback via comments or email at hauteoffthepress@ymail.com.

More recently, I started The FABB Girls Club. TFGC is a social group created to give like-minded bloggers and industry professionals a way to share information and collaborate virtually and through an organized, member-focused program of events. You may inquire more about the TFGC by emailing me at hauteoffthepress@ymail.com.


Twitter: @kitycatwalk

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kitycatwalk/


Tumblr: http://inaladylikefashion.tumblr.com

4 Responses to About

  1. Diana Calo says:

    Absolutely love it!

  2. Lauren says:

    Thank you, Daw-ling!

  3. Another lawyer more interested in doing anything but lawyering. Honey, we all need to start a club. Or a support group!

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