This Week’s Haute Links


Scandal ended with an unexpected turn in last night’s season finale // Rihanna is suing Topshop for $5 million // Factory owners in Bangladesh, as well as Western apparel retailers, have faced intense pressure from governments, consumers and labor groups to improve workplace safety there after a building containing five garment factories collapsed a couple of weeks ago outside the nation’s capital, killing more than 430 people // Gucci lost its 4 year legal battle against Guess in Italy and also loses 7 trademark registrations in Europe // Jennifer Lopez adds her name to a list of performers at The Sound of Change Live, a concert hosted by Chime for Change and launched by Gucci, joining an impressive list, including Beyonce and Olivia Wilde //  Forever 21 is suing discount stores for trademark infringement // The Kardashians’ Khroma Beauty saga, played out in multiple lawsuits over multiple months, has finally come to a close // The class action lawsuit against Hearst for using unpaid interns at its magazines was dismissed, but the disgruntled former coffee-fetchers will continue the fight // Costco is fighting back against Tiffany’s multimillion-dollar trademark suit over the discount warehouse club’s sale of cut-rate “Tiffany” engagement rings. That is all. Have a good weekend, folks! Photo

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