The Letter “L” – Laughter

Brooke Engagement-7

Laughter – When I moved to DC, I couldn’t have imagined that I would find a group of people who could be as dear to me as family. My family is tight! And because of that, I feared moving so far away would be difficult. But, as my good fortune would have it, I have found the most amazing group of friends here.

At one point, we practically all lived together in a reality meets situation comedy called “The Halfway House”—the story of 7 transplants trying to make it in the nation’s Capital. We would just sit around and entertain one another in times that still generate conversations beginning with “remember when…” and followed by laughter.

Over the years, however, as each of us became gainfully employed, and emotionally involved or otherwise independently absorbed outside of the group, the occasions for us all to get together have become less frequent and even more meaningful—Sunday brunches, birthdays, job promotions…and, most recently an engagement. We welcomed the groom-to-be into the group on a particularly wild night, one November. He fits right in—a character in his own right. I can’t wait for the wedding.

Cheers, my friends! …to the times we all get to share together, laugh and make memories together, and to grow old and wrinkly together.

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6 Responses to The Letter “L” – Laughter

  1. Mezzerli says:

    Why am I not in any of these pictures?

  2. Berry says:

    This is awesome thanks Ladylike!!

  3. PhilB says:

    We need a reality show..

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