Melt My Heart


I pledged to cook more often this year, and I am not off to a bad start. Two of my favorite dishes so far have been from coconut curry salmon and portobello parmesan recipes. I have been known to incorporate sweet potatoes into nearly anything I can. Sweet potatoes are said to make your skin glow. Although, they turned my sixth grade teacher’s skin orange (he ate them everyday)…I’m not kidding.

What can I say about this sweet potato patty melt? The gooey, sweet, salty, and crispy potential for deliciousness kind of speaks for itself. While the recipe calls for chorizo, I would either make it meatless or substitute it with a turkey chorizo. The only problem is, I don’t like buying bread because I never eat the whole loaf. Whoever comes up with the idea for the half-loaf is sure to make a killing. So, then the only question now is who’s coming over for lunch?

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10 Responses to Melt My Heart

  1. Mezzerli says:

    I pledge to taste the food you cook.

  2. Brookeorwhateva says:

    ooo girl

  3. Looks amazing! And I am a HUGE fan of sweet potatoes, although the jury’s still out on the glowing skin…

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