Las Vegas Bay Bay

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Remember the bridal shower I went to a couple of months ago? Well, the Bachelorette party was this past weekend in Las Vegas. I know that everything that happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but nothing really happened ;)

1. I arrived on Friday afternoon and met two of the other girls at the airport and we hopped a cab to the MGM together. As soon as we walked through the door. Miranda observes, “It smells like strippers!” It really did. What is with the cheap smell in the hotel lobbies? We got checked in. Our suite was grand. We freshened up and set the room up for the bachelorette to arrive. The Maid of Honor had also gotten all of us other girls gift bags with a ton of fun stuff in them; 2. Fast forward to the morning of day two. Whooooo. I needed coffee; 3. The afternoon of day two was full of random acts of fun, including tongue tattoos and video taping married strangers with advice for the bride-to-be. For some reason, the tattoos caused quite the social media uproar. My mother called me on Sunday evening to say that I was getting “wild” on my Facebook page, and my cousin commented that the picture was “on the edge.” You think so? I mean sheesh! If a candy tongue tattoo is racy then…is it because I’m thirty?; 4.-5. The Wicked spoon in the Cosmopolitan Hotel is the bomb nom nom!! Think gourmet buffet; 6. That night we took in Thunder from Down under; 7.-8. Oh! I also found the Garrett’s Popcorn that just recently opened up in Vegas. Rumor has it that they are opening up a second location there as well; 9. After the girls left on Sunday morning I hung around for a few more days to hang out with my dad, who lives there. One of my best girl friends from high school also lives there, and we had dinner at Lemongrass at the Aria Hotel on the night before I left. Very good Thai food. It was a wonderful trip. Next up, the wedding in Dallas!!!!

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