Mini Moments


Ever just feel like hiding? I’m horrible at disconnecting. When people call, I answer. Ask for a favor, I say, “yes, of course!” Because of that, I have reserved Saturday mornings for myself. Don’t call, cause I won’t answer. Have an event? Chances are I won’t be there. Is it Saturday yet?? How do you disconnect? Photo

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4 Responses to Mini Moments

  1. gjames432 says:

    Great idea! I think all of our greatest leaders took breaks and had ‘me’ time… God took a day off, Jesus spent lots of time alone, and even Prince Hakeem sought to ‘disconnect’ from the world he knew. Yes! Disconnecting is a great way to ‘CONNECT’ with ourselves.

    Keep up the life lessons and writings!

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    -Gee James

  2. I made a New Year’ s Resolution to take the first weekend off each month off…so far its been an epic fail, but you’re encouraging me to give it another try. Also I last year I had a Sunday Sabbath where I stayed in my PJs all day…best day of the week.
    WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

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