Get on the Warby Parker Bus

Georgetown – November 18, 2012 – Warby Parker Class Trip stops in Georgetown for the weekend.


image(9) My eyeglasses have inadvertently become a part of my signature style. I have worn prescription glasses since the eleventh grade (I wore a red, non-prescription pair of glasses for the entirety of the fourth grade).

My taste in glasses have evolved over time, and I have even worn contacts from time to time. Both glasses and contacts have traditionally been very expensive for me, because, well, I inherited my mother’s expensive taste, so my frames cost a small fortune, my vision in one eye is pretty bad, making my lenses expensive, and I have astigmatism (luckily only in one eye).


I always wondered why frames were so expensive, and was rather furious after watching a recent news segment on the monopoly in the eyeglass industry, which dispelled the uninformed, benefit-of-the-doubt conclusions I had drawn about the situation. However, I am relieved that companies, such as Warby Parker, are shaking things up in the industry by offering affordable and stylish choices for eyeglass snobs, such as myself. I am really impressed by their selection and the price-point – around $95 for a complete pair.

image(8) image(10)

The Warby Parker “Class Trip” is touring the nation on a school bus, visiting nine cities in six months. The bus is currently in Washington, DC, and I dragged a few friends along with me on the bus to help me pick out a new pair of frames. You’ll never guess which ones I picked…


Follow their adventures on the road at!

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3 Responses to Get on the Warby Parker Bus

  1. Tandi says:

    This is SO cool!!!! How did you find out about this?!?!

  2. KG says:

    WOW! I’m going next week. I want some Barton Perreira glasses in a style called Treva
    they are like $400 so I’m hoping Warby will have something equally cool for $95.

  3. Vivi says:

    Since I’ll be in Georgetown this weekend, I’ll be making a pit stop at the Bus. Can’t wait.

    Also, you should do a post on what glasses you purchased.

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