Home is Where Your Mom Is

I love to write and send personal letters. Always have. Ever since I can remember, even as a kid, I have had my own personalized stationary. Each year, sending Christmas cards is one of the holiday traditions I look forward to most. I have also been a lover of graphic design, since my days in visual communications class as an Advertising major. Lately, I have been finding myself lusting over the designs at several boutiques,which brings me to Moglea:

I was first drawn to Moglea design and letterpress studio by the graphics. They spoke to me. One of the first cards I came across said, “Home is Where Your Mom is.” Feeling rather homesick, we were speaking the same language. Then, I found out that the company was based in rural Iowa, my home state, and grew even more fond of the products. But, my opinion isn’t biased, Meg Gleason’s designs also captured the hearts of buyers at Anthropologie, where her Happy Birthday Loop card is now being sold. Shout out to Meg, for putting Iowa on the map.

Photos: Meg Gleason

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2 Responses to Home is Where Your Mom Is

  1. Ijeoma says:

    I love sending handwritten notes and letters too! Glad there is someone else out there.

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