His Shoes Aren’t Shiny Enough

I was on the train the other day giving a guy  a “quick glance.” The quick glance is the glance at a guy to determine whether he is worthy of a longer, more thoughtful look. In the end, I decided that his shoes weren’t shiny enough. No second glance.

Reflecting on my relationship status, past and present, as well as recent conversations regarding the same, I had to laugh at myself. I needed to evaluate the evolution of the quick glance test. It used to be so simple: face then shoes then teeth.

As I have gotten older, it seems to have become more strict: face, then ring finger, then shoes, now how shiny are the shoes?

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One Response to His Shoes Aren’t Shiny Enough

  1. Vivi says:

    lolol at ‘shiny shoes’! Mine is definitely face, ring finger, shoes.

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