Q&A: Are Braids Appropriate for the Workplace?

I have been wanting some of Solange’s modern-day box braids all summer. She is wearing them so elegantly here, but even still, it does not answer my question: Are braids appropriate for the workplace?Let’s discuss. Photo

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7 Responses to Q&A: Are Braids Appropriate for the Workplace?

  1. Vivi says:

    I rock braids all the time! Well, not all the time but for pretty much half of the year, on and off. I say that, yes, braids can definitely be appropriate for the workplace. It all depends on how it’s styled. For me, I usually wear it in a ponytail, bun, or half and half (front half in a bun/ponytail and bottom half down). If it’s curly braids, I rock it out or I wear it with a headband to leave the braids away from my face.

    • Lauren says:

      Hey Vivi!! And you rock them well! Someone actually suggested I ask you about getting them done, because I was looking for someone to do them. When it comes to the workplace, people are just so knit-picky and judgmental, and will find any little thing not to like someone. I usually don’t care. And, I don’t really know why I am struggling with this.

  2. Why wouldn’t they be? I guess as long as they are neat, and probably not done with neon colored hair, then it should be fine. I’ve been a braids wearer for a long time, and I always wear them to work, even this type of braid.

    • Lauren says:

      Maybe “appropriate” isn’t the right word. Perhaps a better word would be “accepted.” People are arbitrary excluded from and discriminated against in the workplace every day for reasons unrelated to their qualifications or performance. I have asked several people in casual conversation this question over the past couple of weeks and have yet to get an unequivocal “yes,” until today. So, I was just curious what other people’s thoughts were or experiences had been.

  3. Lauren says:

    Discussions like the following is why I have to ask: http://loop21.com/culture/melissa-harris-perry-black-hair-video-msnbc?

  4. Sarah says:

    I guess it would all depend on how practical the hair do is for the work place? I mean how sensible would it be to have to stop every 10 minutes to make sure your hair is ok. I think that would be the only issue I’d expect.

  5. I’ve had braids constantly and I mean constantly for the last 6 years. I’ve gone on all my job interviews with braids even. They are usually invisible braids but still. I think as long at they’re neat and styled in a professional way then there shouldn’t be a problem. I get that to some, braids are not the “norm” and when a person’s hair isn’t styled like the everyday “norm”, whatever that is :-) it can be distracting from some. But I honestly feel that’s due to that person’s lack of exposure, or personal biases. And Yes, “Braids Appropriate for the Workplace”!

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