Q&A: How to Finance Your S/S Wishlist

Hot Summer Days and Haute Summer Nights – I bet you have noticed that each Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter season, I create a wishlist. Prior to the blog, I kept it on paper…

“How do you ball on such a tight budget?” you might wonder.

Since my “prissy little girl-hood,” I have made ways to afford my shopping habits. In school, for example, beside “Mommy, pleeeeeease?” I would save my lunch money up from the week, and by week’s end, combined with my allowance, I could buy a new shirt! Now, without lunch money or allowance (Mommy still comes through on occasion), I am still able to work a few new must-haves of the season into the budget.

The key is in the rotation. Each spring when I put my winter clothes away, I evaluate what I don’t want anymore, didn’t wear for seasons past, probably won’t wear next year, etc., and set them aside.  When I pull them out in the fall, I do a quick re-eval (don’t want to over-think anything), and sell them (on ebay or by consignment). The money I make is a down payment on the items on my wishlist! The same thing applies when switching after summer, to fall.

Photo: Vogue

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