Closet Freak: 3 Tips for Working Your Wardrobe

My Life – I can’t sleep if things aren’t in order. My desk, my room, my closet…honestly, I don’t get a lot of sleep. But there are some tips that I use to keep life, and my wardrobe, a little more manageable, especially nowadays, when maximizing my time and keeping costs low is more important than ever. Read along:

1. Separating: by season, then occasion, function, and color – Despite how much I try to minimize, I still have a lot of stuff. So, I have to keep things categorized. To keep things neat, I have lots of pretty looking bins, boxes, and organizers. I have pink hangers for my everyday clothes, and wood ones for work wear. Boxes for buttons, bags for jewelry. I have even turned some unconventional things into storage containers, for example, the bags that my comforters and sheets came in, I now use for tights, belts and scarves. There is a place for everything.

2. Visibility: Out of sight, out of mind, so things that are out of season are put away. Likewise, things that I want to use, especially new items that haven’t made it into heavy rotation, are front and center. A lot of the storage containers I use are clear or able to be marked.

3. Keep it simple, but never plain: I live by this motto. I just can’t stand anything too fussy, or complicated, or what-not. Those items are often trendy, expensive, and so noticeable, that they are only wearable a few times, in different time zones. On the other hand, I am far from plain.

I apply this motto most often when it comes to my work wear. I work in the “traditional, plain old suit” world. And while I do own a couple of plain old suits, you will hardly find me wearing a plain old blouse underneath. I won’t lie, I will rock a classic Brooks Brothers look from time to time, and the majority of my work clothes are Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. But, a majority of the time I mix things up – classic with casual pieces, add some color, play with patterns – just as I do with my everyday clothes. My favorite ways to add flavor to my work clothes are with corduroys and dresses.

What are your most useful tips for stretching your wardrobe to the max?

P.S. If you’re looking for ways to make your closet a little bigger, try getting help at Home Depot, and use this Home Depot Coupon Code that will probably save you some money.
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