Haute Holiday

Haute Holiday: I love the holiday season! I love bundling up in lots of layers, especially hats, gloves and scarves. I have bags of them. In the winter, they are basic accessories. I am from the Midwest, so it’s part of the culture. Just as much, I enjoy all the lights, shopping for gifts, sending out Christmas cards, parties, eating lots of dessert, and spending time with friends and family.


This year, I spent Thanksgiving in Iowa. It was such a great time. I shopped with my ma and she took the pics of me that are shown above. It was cool, because she got really into it. She is also pictured in one of them as well and is excited to be featured on my blog. I like how she supports me in this. She and my dad shop off of my gift guides (I also post them on their facebook pages). Do your parents read/support your blog?

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2 Responses to Haute Holiday

  1. Designer – boots? I luv the zipper on the back.

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