DC Welcomes Refinery 29

November 3, 2011: Madewell hosts launch party for Refinery 29.

Lots of bloggers were there, of course, including:

Chyanne of The Yuppie Lady and Kate of Go Kate Shoot

Star of Ms. Star Styles

These fabulous ladies and gentleman, including Desiree (pictured in the second picture, left), Founder and Executive Director of the Fashion Empowering Women Foundation (FEW)


Stephanie (and her gorgeous sweater and rockin’ Alexander Wang bag), Model

and Mera, Designer, Miri


Lot’s networking and picture taking…and shopping! I picked up this leather clutch to replace the one pictured here, which was sadly, stolen.

Even more sad is that I cannot find the camera that I keep in my purse (usually at all times, but it’s not there now). Wherever it is, both of my memory cards are with it, meaning I cannot shoot with my DSLR either. Bummer. So please excuse the less than clear or crisp photos taken with my camera phone, until I figure something out.

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2 Responses to DC Welcomes Refinery 29

  1. Looks like every blogger in the city was there! Which I had come, sounds like fun. :)


  2. Lauren says:

    Yes, nearly! Hope to see you again sometime. I think we met at the DCFW networking party..?

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