FNODC Recap: It Was Worth the Cupcakes!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Thursday night was still a lot of fun, despite the rain. The plan was to head to Georgetown straight from work, but the rail was discouraging. Instead we decided to hang inside and order some food until the rain died down, and headed out to Georgetown around 9.

It was lights, camera, and lots of action at L2 Lounge, which we had missed. Capital File Magazine teamed up with the lounge to throw an event that included a fashion show. Would have loved to see it.

From there we headed down towards Cusp and Hu’s. Sadly, most of the stores had started to close.

But not Sprinkles! They were giving away free cupcakes! I had the lemon.

There was a photo booth and rather than printing, the pictures where displayed by a projector for all to see.

My favorite outfit of the evening was the red sparkly shirt, leggings and boots, a great adaption to the weather.

Window shopping…

Bike rides were available for the night.

More cupcakes! No trip to Georgetown is complete without Georgetown Cupcake! …also free for FNO, by the way.

Happy Fashion Week!

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2 Responses to FNODC Recap: It Was Worth the Cupcakes!

  1. ObiageliN says:

    Great pics. I sorta wished I just man-ed up and braced the weather. It didn’t seem so bad.

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