F/W 2011 Fashion Wishlist

Fall Fashion Wishlist
1. Lots of Dresses – Either by themselves or layered, dresses are so easy. On a simple day, a dress can be paired with basic accessories and flats/heels. When that’s not enough, pair a dress with a blazer, and/or tights,  boots. The Teddie Dress and the Blythe Shirt Dress, both from J. Crew are a must.
2. A Bold Bag – Even when money isn’t tight, each season I  search for an all-purpose bag. As I mentioned before, I switch bags only once a season, so my bags must be versatile! At the same time, they can’t be boring. I’m currently eyeing: the Fluro from Cambrige Satchel Company. It’s bright and affordable. Everything I’m looking for!
3. Patterned Tights – Socks and tights have always been cheap and easy ways to spice up an otherwise boring outfit (like when I had to wear a uniform in elementary school). DKNY has always been a go-to brand for the best patterns. EXPRESS is best for colorful solids.
4. Pastel Jeans – Actually, I am far more into corduroys.  I have an assortment of colors and cuts from J. Crew that I have collected over the years. They make great casual-day work wear as well as easy weekend wear. J. Brand jeans company, however has some Haute Hues. I’ll take them in Royal.
5. Wild Shoes – Like a statement bag, a knock-out pair of pumps that go with everything are essential for each fall/winter season. The pictured Swagger Leopard Platform shoes from Topshop are perfect, but I can never get the right size off of their site. I like the Steve Madden Sarrina too. On a side note,  Rebecca Minkoff recently started selling shoes!
6. Replacement Watch – I don’t think I ever mentioned the incident I ran into back in May while on vacation. Southwest Airlines lost my luggage. Yes, that is lost as in I haven’t seen my belongings since I handed them over to TSA at LAX departing for Las Vegas. In the bag, along with over $4,000 worth of other things, was the Michael Kors watch I had just gotten for Christmas. While I originally had the tortoise shell band, I think I will go with the one pictured this time around.
7.  Tweed Blazer – Ever since I saw Serena Van Der Woodsen in this Smyth equestrian jacket, I’ve had my eye out for something similar. Several have crossed my path, but they were either too expensive or did not receive good reviews, most often for issues with quality. The one here is from Nordstrom. Besides running a little small, it has gotten good reviews.
8. Fringe – I am obsessed!
9. New Earrings – Jewelry really isn’t my thing. I have quite a bit because my mom LOVES jewelry and even works at a jewelry store part time, so she often buys me pieces from her store, but I hardly ever wear anything more than stud earrings, a charm bracelet she made me, a name-plate necklace I got in middle school (pre Carrie Bradshaw), and a watch. I’m not looking for anything fancy, just a new pair of studs…these Marc by Marc Jacobs Zipper Stud earrings would be ideal.
10. Loafers – Call me a geek, but I’ve wanted a pair of Bass penny loafers forever.  Over the years, I have had various versions of the loafer. The one’s pictured, the Klara Patent Loafers are great. I love the tassles. But, once again, they’re from Topshop, which makes me hesitant to purchase them for fear of having to return them because of sizing issues.
***What’s on your Fall wishlist??***
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