Congresswoman Schultz Draws Attention for Her Naturally Curly Hair

Photo via New York Times/Stephen J. Boitano/NBC, via Associated Press

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) made news this week for unapologetically wearing her natural curls. It seems that not everyone is so comfortable.  Curly hair is too sexy, and not to be taken seriously.

A New York Times columnist, who has – in time – accepted her own curly hair as “a striking part of [a curly-haired person’s] identity” and “the defining aspect of [her] appearance,” in story on the disapproval of curly hair, especially in the media  and “professional America”, points out the lengths people go through to achieve and maintain straight hair. Ever heard of a Brazilian Blowout? You and your beautician have to wear a mask during the procedure. But, it’s worth it. After all,

It’s what wealthy men want… I don’t know why. I just know that to be a dream girl you need straight, long, silky, humidity-resistant hair. -Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker**

I’ve witnessed it firsthand, the disdain for curly hair. I had a classmate in law school who had long hair with beautiful curls. I only saw them twice. Her mother had forbidden her from wearing her hair natural, because it wasn’t professional. And it’s ethnic. There. I said it. My own mother has said the same thing. She once insisted I cover my natural hair for an interview. It was the birth of Kity Fierce.

In other discussions on natural hair this week, Demetria Lucas confirms that the 12% drop in relaxer sales over the past two years does not mean that Black women are cutting back on hair care products and services, despite the recession. In fact, going natural contributed to an 18% increase in the number of hair salons here in DC and we’re still spending a fortune on products.

And, there is no shortage of natural hair discussion on Huff Post’s Blackvoices. There’s even an article on natural hair styles for Barbie dolls……….

** Sidenote: Wasn’t Patti engaged last season? What happened? Because she’s looking for love this season. I’m not suggesting that her straight hair wasn’t flirty enough.

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