Whoops! There it is…

After a nipple exposing performance on Good Morning America, Nicki Minaj has parents up in a roar. The Parents Television Council, a non-partisan advocacy group for “responsible entertainment”, fights against ‘fleeting’ images and language on television.  GMA apologized for the incident, saying that although a 5-second delay was in place and prevented the slip from being aired in other time zones, the live broadcast “regrettably included certain fleeting images of the performer”.

PTC did not accept GMA’s apology. Tim Winter, president of the group, told TMZ:

For the umpteenth time in recent memory a morning news show has included inappropriate content for children and families…Instead of asking for forgiveness, they need to stop apologizing and implement the five second delay that so many Americans have been calling for.”

The FCC has statutory authority to enforce federal broadcast decency laws, which prohibit obscene, indecent, and profane material on over-the-air broadcasts. Following Janet Jackson’s “Nipplegate” in 2004, Congress passed a bill called the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, which increased the fine for violations ten-fold, from around $30,000 to 300,000 per violation. A recent decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (New York) striking down indecency policy on constitutional grounds, however, precludes the FCC from effectively implementing statutory fines  and protecting children and families from indecent broadcast programming. The Supreme Court has agreed to review the decision.

Photo: New York Daily News

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