Style Profile: Yenebecha Damtew

Last weekend,

I was creative director for a hair shoot for up-and-coming celebrity hairstylist Yenebecha “Yene” Damtew.

This young lady is on the move!

Immediately following cosmetology school, Yene launched her career as the executive assistant to celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright. Less than six months after her apprenticeship began, the La Palma, California native packed her bags, and moved to Washington, DC with Wright after he became the personal hair stylist to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Under his tutelage, Yene developed a skill for combining a “’Good’ Hair is Healthy Hair” philosophy with modern style. Yene specializes in color and hair weaving techniques. And, her work has gained her a celebrity clientele of her own.

Yene’s energetic attitude and go-getter work ethic has also garnered the attention of other beauty industry professionals. She has consulted a number of budding entrepreneurs on developing and executing improved operational procedures to achieve their organizational objectives.

Yene is also the newest member of the Softsheen Carson Style Squad.

Here are a few unedited shots.

Look for Yene on the  web! Coming soon @


Models: Brooke Carla, Shayna, and Tiyu Kassa

Creative Director: Lauren Scott

Photography: Lauren Scott and Philford Barret

House of Dreams-Dream Team™   Production  Copyright 2011

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