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It’s no secret, I suffer from Seller’s Remorse. Nevertheless, I finally, after months of deliberation,  decided to go the consignment shop route, to edit my wardrobe, only for want of space, rather than ebay (or the like) or selling here on my site.  I would have kept everything if I could’ve; it was not easy choosing with what to part. Some of the stuff still had tags on them! Do I still have the receipt? Where can you find my most treasured pieces? At Current boutique:

*None of the items pictured are mine. I was shopping.

The Pros and Cons

Consignment Pros: Convenience. No shipping hassles or charges. Location and clientele.

Consignment Cons: Lack of control and shared profit. Can’t set your own price, can’t retrieve after expiration of term, accepting only certain pieces, even if it mean breaking up a suit, in what seems to be a completely haphazard method of selectivity, might I add, although I’m sure there is a science.

Ebay (and the like) Pros: Huge amount of traffic and selectivity, i.e. is someone is looking something specific, they can do a search for it.

Ebay (and the like) Cons: Clutter and fees. If someone is not looking for anything specific, and just browsing, they may never stumble upon your products. Then you’ve paid the listing fee for nothing, actually losing money.

Selling here on my site Pros: Control. Connecting with readers/buyers.

Selling here on my site Cons: Time and storage.

How do you make room for new stuff??

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