You Should Know About:

Happy New Year!!!

While searching for the perfect handbag (my new Botkier Morgan), I came across, an ebay-like market place that had exactly what I was looking for. What happened was, I was searching for the bag because it is two seasons old, and no longer available in stores.  I found one on ebay and placed a bid for it a couple of hours before the auction was scheduled to end. I then went to brunch. While sipping a mimosa, I got an email that I had been out bid. Immediately after, the sale ended; I had lost the bag.  Sadness ensued and I couldn’t keep my mind off of Morgan. After a couple of weeks of searching, I found another one on a site called Bonanza. I didn’t have to bid on the bag. The seller was asking a set price, I offered that price, and Morgan arrived a couple days later.

I have gotten tons of compliments and I am in LOVE. The leather is SO soft, and it goes with EVERYTHING…everything I need in a handbag, because I don’t buy them often, when I do, they’re expensive, and once I put my stuff in it, I don’t take it out until the handles are falling off. The zippers and fringe make this bag so versatile. Forecasters predict fringe will be a huge trend in hangbags for 2011. POW!

I will take some pics carrying the bag soon!

Couture Kisses!

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One Response to You Should Know About:

  1. Jeremy says:


    Glad you found a bag you like on Bonanza! We really appreciate the shout-out. :)

    Jeremy AKA AgentCardholder

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