When Fashion and the Law Collide: The Truth in Labeling Act

Vogue Paris August 2008, Raquel Zimmermann Anti fur Anti PETA

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill requiring all garments made of real fur be labeled. Currently, garments made of real fur valued under $150, i.e., fur-trimmed apparel,  are not required to be labeled.

Some manufacturers/retailers,  proudly promote their use of fur alternatives, such as Express, with its animal skin-less “(MINUS THE)” collection, including (MINUS THE) fur. However, an estimated 13 percent of fur items sold in the U.S. fall into the category not requiring labeling, allowing consumers to buy real fur without knowledge.

The new legislation eliminates the price differentiation. “Many consumers prefer to avoid buying and wearing animal fur, and everyone deserves to have accurate information to make informed purchasing choices,” said Michael Markarian, chief operating officer for the Humane Society.

Agreed. Choices are good. And those of us who choose to wear fur are much more interested in the amount of  insecticide, and Lord only knows what else, Congress allows in our food.

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