10 Clues Fashion is Your Lifestyle

10. You have prescription sunglasses.

9. You buy stuff just because, it’s on sale (at that price, you’d be stupid not to).

8. After you’ve searched high and low to find an item, you buy it in multiple quantities, so when it wears out you don’t have to worry with it being discontinued (because every time you search high and low to find just the right item, they discontinue it).

7. “Whatever they have” is your shoe size.

6. You have more than two sets of sheets, for only one bed.

5. Like the pledge of allegiance, you memorize store return policies.

4. $12 is the average price for a pair of pantyhose.

3. Only Victoria knows your secret.

2. You save shopping bags and re-use them to carry your lunch.

1.You could rationalize spending $9,760+ on a coordinated, “high-end” shopping experience, called SuiteShop where they quote, “will fly four people on a swanky jet with cushioned leather seats, drive the group around to amazing stores, give ’em a celebrity stylist and shower everyone with gift bags, discounts, champagne and num-nums… Of course, the shoppers still have to pay for whatever they decide to buy on top of all that but hey,..”.

These are just the first that came to mind…

What are some other clues??

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