Boxes of Pelicans

A trip to Hampton, VA over the summer led to a visit to a local resale shop/hangout called The Village. The Village operates primarily through donations of used clothing, some of which they keep and sell, the rest goes to Goodwill.  My girl Tia and I offered our expertise in sorting through some of the donated boxes of goods. And thank God! Because someone was tossing some really good items in the Goodwill pile. There was  St. Johns knits…I walked away with a pair of vintage Ralph Lauren shorts for my services.

Phil Cliff, one of the owners.

Someone had tossed both of these dresses in the Goodwill pile!! We took them out!

The Village also carries pieces by local designers.

That guy is so Gnarly, dude.

That’s my elegant friend, Tia.

Later that night the Village transformed into a co-ed dance party for some college kids.  It was an interesting time hanging out with those Village boys. Kind of like boxes of pelicans…But, I love an entrepreneurial spirit.

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