Scents of Being

Until yesterday, I had the quintessential bachelorette pad; there were no signs that a man had ever been in the place. That’s when I found a candle at Bath and Body Works, called Fireplace, which smells just like a man’s cologne. Get yourself one. I love it. It smells like “he” is so close, all the time.  

I was actually inspired to incorporate the scent into my décor while in Chicago over the holidays. During a lunch and shopping date with a friend in Bucktown, we went into a little boutique, called White Attic, to grab a couple of candles for her house. Among the options, was a black one, reminiscent of a man’s cologne. We decided together that her place (shared with a female roommate) could use some testosterone. At $25 a piece, I declined. But I was so excited that BBW had a sale on its holiday candles, and that Fireplace smells perfectly masculine. (sniff) Ahhh. I only bought one yesterday, but I am going back to stock up on some more. It was only $4 and some change.

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