Shoe Laces are the New Stiletto Heel

A few years ago, stilettos were all the rage. This season, though, shoe laces dominate.


Jolene Bootie, Suede Mocha       large product image

large product image                         large product image

90_1_Burberry Lace-up Wellington boots

large product image           large product image

      Sigerson Morrison Leather riding boots    Sigerson Morrison Leather riding boots

large product image                      large product image     Christian Louboutin Fred patent leather shoes

Photo by Jock Sturges. Model, Skye Stracke, in “Wild” styled by Monika Kropfitsch Marie Claire Italy.

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2 Responses to Shoe Laces are the New Stiletto Heel

  1. Megs says:

    I see stilettos here, and everywhere. Stilettos refer only to the heel style, not the overall design of the shoe. You know I love my stilettos, therefore am biased and as such I maintain that stilettos are classics and there is no such thing as the “new stiletto” just like there is no “new black”.
    I also love commas.

  2. honeybeflyy says:

    I wouldn’t dare claim that stilettos are obsolete, for fear of being stabbed with one. The focus on the heel has simply taken a backseat to shoe laces this season as they did to the platform last.

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