DIY Embellished Tights Project Update

Here is an update on the progress of the DIY project I started a couple of weeks ago.

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Of course, I started by gathering all of the necessary materials: Tights, needle and thread, and sequins.

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Then, I separated the sequins, because I couldn’t use all of what was in the bag. I decided on the stars.

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Sewing wasn’t bad, but it seemed like every time I got in the groove, the thread would run out. Tip 1: use a piece of cardboard, or the like, to give the tights some structure while sewing. The cardboard also prevents the needle from going through the other side of the tights, therefore sewing them together.

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Ta-daaah! So far good, but I do want to add a few more stars and some beads. Tip 2:  take some time in the beginning to figure out a color combination. In retrospect, I think I would have chosen to go with fewer colors on the stars.


Free People has some sequin-embellished tights here  for $88. Mine cost a total of about $20, not including labor. I will definitely post the final project.

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