These pictures are old (I had natural hair and I think I had just descovered blush), but I thought of them when I saw this picture of Rihanna wearing a fur stole. Everyone who knows me knows that I die for my fur stole.

We have soooo many memories, me and that scarf. I pull it out every fall and wear it everyday til spring.

One of my friends calls it my “cocktail”  (because it multi-colored. maybe I can get some better pictures this year).

Another friend almost saw me have a heart attack one time after I left it behind in the movie theatre. He went back to go get it for me while I waited in the car. When came back saying it wasn’t there, and I about died. He was joking.

It smells like me. So, every time someone picks it up, they’re always like: “mmm. this smells so good.”

You’ll never guess where I got it. Lane Bryant. About 5 years ago for $30.

It’s starting to bald in places, and so I started looking for a replacement several years ago.

I don’t think I will ever be able to part with it.

Unless I find a more fabulous replacement. HELP!

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