The 20% Rule

I shop online almost exclusively. My email box is stuffed with messages about this sale, and that one. Bloomingdales has 25-40% off cold weather essentials (ends today, so hurry) and Alexander McQueen is at Gilt this week…

But, even if there were physical retail stores here in town, the same rule would apply: NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! 


1) we’re in a recession; and

2) I don’t like the idea of paying for shipping (I think it should be free), so if I get it on sale, I feel like at least I’m not paying for shipping;

3) If I wait long enough, I always get a coupon for the store (I just have to fight the urge to have it NOW);

4) Don’t worry, they won’t run out while you are waiting for the coupon  (See #1); finally

5) 20% off is usually cheaper than free shipping.

And that folks, is how I got this:

Blog 071


Blog 072


It’s perfect! I LOVE IT! 

Besides waiting for those magic words to appear in my inbox (it took a week and a half. The bag was supposed to be for my birthday.), I have gone through more than anyone would believe to find the perfect bag. Before now, I have mostly carried my ma’s gently used hand-me-downs. So, the decision on how to spend a small fortune was never mine. BUT, since it was my decision this time around it had to be THE right bag. Besides that, I am the type that once my stuff is in the bag, I carry it until the handles fall off. Which means that it has to go with EVERYTHING. Coincidentally (or not), all of my ma’s bags have.

What makes this bag perfect is that it’s very narrow, so things don’t have room to get lost; I can’t carry much other than the essentials (wallet, camera, planner, gum, lip gloss, eyeglass case, comb and iphone). Besides being extremely functional, IT’S GORGEOUS! Look at it again. The leather is so soft and the color goes with EVERYTHING! Picture it with burgundy, purple, turquoise, teal, mint, mustard, salmon, royal blue, and of course, brown, black and grey.

You’re jealous.

Remember the rule!

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