For You, Cupcake!


This year, I decided not to  make a big deal over turning another year older. But, I love cupcakes, and I love to share them. So, below are a dozen virtual cupcakes, in the form of 12 fabulous gift ideas under $27 in honor of my 27th b-day! Enjoy! 

1.  Chanel Nail Polish in Jade

2. A couture lollipop  from the Sugar Factory

3. Copy of The September Issue on DVD coming out later this month

4. A pair of J.Crew tights or 3 pack of anklets

5. Roll-on/pocket perfume ( from Sephora)

6. Zoya nail polish in Deliliah, Layla, Sofia, and Angelina 

7. An Orchard Pear Yankee® candle

8. 3 adult movie passes (@ $9 each)

9. 2 Lolita® glasses

10. Suck Uk Mix Tape USB stick (here at Greener Grass Design)

11. Flexible mini tripod (Target)

12. A cool 2010 calendar

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