The IC Soul Series has Set the Stage

Last month, some friends and I arranged for a couple of artists out of Chicago to perform here in the city.icsoul

Pictured from left to right: Yaw, Khari Lemuel, and the IC Soul Series Event Coordinators. The performance/event was amazing! Yaw (www.myspace/yawsmusic), who has a heart-warming, soulful sound, shared the stage with Khari Lemuel (, also know as the “Soul Healer” and who has been said to “paint with sound”. Khari was on the cello, and the duo provided a sensual, poetic melody for the candle-lit lounge atmosphere.



The always beautiful and fabulous Ingrid made a surprise visit to IC from NY.



This month’s  artist is Ms. Philly, “the Queen of Chicago’s Real Music Movement”.  Also based out of Chicago, this songstress,  who has been described as “a vocal powerhouse” and “a staple in the Chicago music scene” will perform alongside the band Verzatile. Ms. Philly recently appeared in the Verizon Wireless commercial for the  “How Sweet the Sound” Gospel Experience. Check it out here.


 Saturday 9/26/09 @ The Industry (211 Iowa Ave, Iowa City 52240)

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