Haute Off The Press: Libras are Natural-Born Stars


I really would like for my readers to get to know more about me. I am a Libra, which is an air sign and is represented by the scales (representing a quest to maintain a perfect balance in life). While I don’t necessarily believe in astrology, I will admit to owning a book on zodiac signs and referring to it often after meeting someone new, to get to know them before I get to know them…or decide whether I want to get to know them, ya know?  And I will refer back to it  after a display certain behaviors to see if I should have seen it coming.

I am (perhaps only coincidentally) the quintessential Libra and the book describes my personality exactly. I found a similar description here, and I have inserted it below (with tad bit of editing). It says:

The Libra female is VIBRANT, vivacious and thoroughly captivating. Others cannot help to be drawn to her happy smile and are immediately conscious of her sex appeal. Although this is a FLIRTACIOUS woman, she always remains the very epitome of DIPLOMACY and tact. Thus, she is trusted by her friends.

While blessed with taste and a sense of refinement  style, the female governed by this sign does have a tendency to love the good life, which can lead to laziness and selfishness jet setting and shopping sprees. Far from “fluffy” in her thinking, the Libra woman can prove to be a great asset to the career of any partner. She is never anything less than attractive in her appearance, mixes well with others, gets along with almost everybody and in addition to being tactful, is also shrewd.

This is a female who looks for an adventurous and intelligent partner and if that partner be fairly well off, so much the better. However, she is not adverse to lending a hand in helping any mate to accumulate the good things of life. When young, this woman is often likened to a beautiful flower…essentially lovely to look at…but, with advancing years, she often finds that life has educated her to a high degree and she becomes WISE, witty, entertaining, tolerant, AmUsInG and in essence, a wonderfully rewarding person to know.

By nature refined, gentle and kindhearted, women governed by Libra are also amiable, being fond of entertainment and social gaiety. This female sometimes has grand illusions high expectations about many things and can become despondent when matters are not as she imagined or expected them to be. Still, this is a generous and lovable soul, whose ARTISTIC SIDE CRAVES BEAUTY AND HARMONY IN HER SURROUNDINGS.

Librans are easy to fall in love with and tend to be “in love with being in love,” rather than with any particular person. Here, there is an intense desire for sympathy, LOVE, understanding and COMPANIONSHIP…but Libra is a most idealistic sign and those who fall under its jurisdiction are frequently very difficult to satisfy. Beneath the apparent open affection, there is a streak of selfishness and sometimes shallowness associated with the Libra woman. In some instances, this can be traced to a lack of attention from one or both of this female’s parents being an only child.

The Libra woman is an impeccable hostess, but one who is at her best when she has plenty of servants to do the actual work. While infinitely capable, this female frequently dislikes manual labor likes to go get her toes done, particularly if it means getting dirty messing up her fingernails (and if you’re along for the ride, you’ll be pampered too). In essence, she prefers to snuggle back into a luxurious pile of cushions and summon assistance.

Generally speaking, the physical side of a relationship is not necessarily important to this woman, but she certainly will enjoy playing one admirer against another. There is a tendency for this female to acquiesce to the desires of her parents when it comes to the choice of a mate. Thus, it is not unusual for women ruled by Libra to form a long-lasting relationship with someone who displays great potential rather than someone they truly love. ANYONE CONSIDERING THIS WOMAN AS A PARTNER SHOULD NOT BECOME INVOLVED WITH HER UNLESS SERIOUS AND COMMITTED ABOUT DOING SO.  She certainly needs affection but above all, she must believe in any potential mate…particularly in the area of character. This is NOT a female who deals well with compromise and she will quickly exit any relationship once she discovers she has betrayed herself.

Willing to sacrifice their own health and comfort for those they love, women governed by Libra will cheerfully endure any hardship. However, their extreme solicitude in this respect can make them apprehensive for fear that ill fortune lurks on the horizon. Hence, these females sometimes worry and fret FREAK OUT (!) without legitimate cause or reason. Eventually, this habit can exhaust their vitality, resulting in a peevish and melancholy nature that will react unfavorably upon the physical condition and nerves cause them to age without grace and have a nervous breakdown. There is also a tendency here to be careless with personal belongings and a bent toward being impatient and restless.

Above all else, the Libra female desires true affection, sympathy and interestforever seeking the ideal companion. As a girlfriend, she is irresistible…as a wife she is intriguing, fun to be with and essentially feminine. As a mother, she is not one to necessarily concentrate unduly on her children, but she is nonetheless devoted and does radiate an affection and warmth that will spell security to any offspring she might have.

Other Libras: Amber Rose, Dita Von Tesse, Victoria Beckham, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren

Surprised? What’s your sign and what does it say about you?

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3 Responses to Haute Off The Press: Libras are Natural-Born Stars

  1. Vivi says:

    I’m a Libra, too! woop, woop!

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