Tyra Mail! This is UnBeWeaveable.


Tyra Banks is will reveal her natural hair, ditching her weaves for the season 5 premiere of her CW talk show, airing Sept. 8.

This season on The Tyra Show we’re taking it to the next level and getting more real than ever before by encouraging women everywhere to own and rock what they’ve got and be proud!” she says in a press release. “For the season 5 premiere, I will be doing just that – no fake hair, I’m rocking my REAL hair. This will all be going down on September 8, 2009, which we’re declaring National Real Hair Day! We welcome everyone to go natural with me! -Source

On Twitter she wrote:

Guess What! I’m rockin’ my REAL hair on my talk show September 8th. No fake hair at all! Will be the hair coming out of my scalp! 4 all 2 C!

Then, she took it to the streets with her Flash Mob, stripping down to flesh-colored bodysuits and tossing away their weave in NYC’s Union Square.


Who does Tyra think she’s kidding?! This is all about ratings, folks. DO NOT take your hair off for National Real Hair Day. Take it off because you want to, when you want to. What does she mean, “getting more real”? Nonesense. At a point in history, Black women were said to wear weaves because they wanted to be white; they were denying who they “really” were. But, not anymore. A lot of Black women are proud of their hair and wear it natural and others are proud of their hair, but choose to wear a weave. It really comes down to convenience and choice. It takes a lot of work to maintain natural locks. And frankly, one day a woman might want volumous, textured hair, and the next day, long straight hair. And that is why (in my opinion) people, including myself, wear weaves. Convenience and versatility.  And for those very same reasons women of all colors have adopted wearing weaves.  It’s just another form of expression. “THIS is how I feel today.” Just like changing your nail polish or choosing which shoes to wear in the morning. Basically, “what do I want to present to the world today?”

There are still some ugly and mean spirited people out there, though. If you dare, check out some of the comments made by justjared.buzznet.com readers on the issue. I refuse to quote them here, but the readers implicitly and explicitly assert that Black women’s hair is inferior. Spread love people.

Tyra’s good at spreading love. And I hope she has a good explanation for all of this on September, 8.  Cause really, Tyra, “I’m taking off my hair. Stay tuned.”?

Am I missing something? Is there really an issue with wearing a weave?

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