Kity Fierce



Kity Fierce is my alter ego. She was born out of coincidence. I had an interview one day and my mom said that it was absolutely out of the question for me to wear my hair the way it was if I wanted that job. So, I bought a wig. The style was named Kity.  I felt differently when I wore Kity, like mysterious and a little more confident.  I had a different swag. I think it’s probably like what editrix Anna Wintour feels like behind her blunt cut bangs and huge sunglasses.

After the interview (I didn’t get the job), I would wear the wig around the house and when hanging out with friends, just for fun. They would call me Kity. I did that for a while, then finally laid the wig to rest. But, the feelings didn’t go away. The courage and swag remained. I’m talking higher heels and plunging necklines. Truthfully, I don’t know what it was, whether it was the new year, age, or the wig that brought about the change. But I feel like it was a  transformation from a kitten to a tiger. ROAR!

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