Haute Is: Turning Your Hobby Into A Hustle

We can all use an extra few dollars these days. So, it’s no wonder that people are getting creative about ways to earn some extra cash. I’m still amazed, though, at some of the things that people have come up with. One of my friends is full time student and a part-time caterer. She recently made a deal with several local groceries to carry her products. The girl is a hustler! And, remember my “Recession turns Shoppaholics into Swapaholics” post? Well, Punky Style held her very own swap this past Saturday. The pics look like it was amazingly successful and a good time. And, the term “Swapaholic” has a new definition. Fashiontoast blogger Rumi created her own web store to sell her threads, bypassing all of the terms and fees of other sites such as Ebay and Craigslist.

Another friend, Catherine Morris, is a fellow fashion following, beauty product buying stylista, like myself, who has turned her obsession with beauty products into cash by producing her very own YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/blaquemagus) on which she gives tutorials on how to apply make-up in order to achieve certain looks. FUN! Just like with any other network, companies must pay to advertise (through Google AdSense) on her channel, and she has even landed a few freelance gigs from through the site.


What do you need to do to turn your hobby into a hustle?

1. Figure out what you’re good at, or even better, what you’re passionate about. Kat is a high school special education teacher by trade, so her skill in giving instruction was directly transferrable. And, she’s not afraid of the camera.

2. Create a plan. Who can use your talent? How will you provide your services? Kat has done one series on “Recession Proof” alternatives to expensive products. Something we can all use!

3. Stick to it. Uncertainty and anxiety are likely at times. But, with determination and the encouragement of your friends and family, it will be easy to press on. Kat even receives encouragement and praise from her channel subscribers.

4. Utilize a few marketing tools. You have to spread the word about your venture somehow. These days it’s easy. With Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking vehicles, millions of customers are at your fingertips (and for free)! Don’t forget about the more traditional avenues, such as business cards, stationary, etc. There are tons of economical resources on the web for those too.

Who do you know that has turned their hobby into a hustle?

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