Fashion Is A Way Of Life

I’m not rich, by far. But, I live a fabulous life. Dining, shopping, entertaining, traveling…I love my life!

After four months of looking for the perfect apartment, it came down to two. Both the same price, but one was just way more fabulous than the other. The only drawback was that it did not have a bathtub. It was almost a dealbreaker because on some evenings after work, I just want to take a hot bubble bath, light some candles and throw on some Nina Simone. Sometimes, I’ll throw some towel in the dryer, so they’re warm when I get out.

 Who builds a place with no bathtub? Worse is that the bathroom is HUGE and so there is a bunch of unused space that could have easily been made into a bathtub for me. Or even better yet, more closet space, cause that was the only other area of dissatisfaction.

The other place included about half of the overall space and about one third of the charm. It did have a walk-in closet, though. And, a bath tub. AAahh.

So what does a girl do? When choosing between a walk-in closet and a bubble bath, on the one hand and overall space and charm? I went with overall size and charm, but where am I going to bathe?!

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