Wishing on a Star

Six years ago, Swedish-born stylist (to vogue and elle) Ulrika started the brand Rika. The style is ‘classic with a twist of rock ‘n’ roll’. The famous Rika “star bag” is sold world-wide to celebrities such as Madonna and Helena Christensen. The bags are handmade with passion for detail and finish, and with materials known to get better and better with wear. She designs with her grandmother’s credo”

loving to create with the believe that it’s the tiny details that are key to the beauty of any garment

The first and only Rika boutique ( www.rikaint.com) isbased in Amsterdam and offers the starlight experience: star clutch  in brownish grey, star canvas bag in crème, the classic star bag in beige & black, and the big star bag in crème. But there is more (and also by other designers) such as vintage-inspired T-shirts with graffiti and crocheted dresses from unusual sources all of which have been hunted down by Ulrika herself. –Source and Source

I have been looking for an everyday bag. Have searched high and low, and nothing seemed to catch my eye until I came across this Rika bag at Elizabeth and Charles. Unfortunately, the bag sold out before I could purchase it, along with the all classic star bag in black. So, now I am torn between the large star bag in all black or the classic star bag in light grey. The bags are surprisingly hard to find. Only select boutiques across the U.S. carry them. Wish me luck!



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