My S/S 09 Wishlist

1. A white suit (to wear together and as separates)

2. A boyfriend blazer (one black and one or more in other color)

3. Jean Jacket

4. Heels (lots of heels)

5. Two piece swimsuit

6. Chanel “Cotton Club” Quilted handbag (because I can’t afford the “Classic Quilted” handbag)

7. Converse in every color

8. Blackberry Bold

9. An everyday handbag

10. Basic black patent flip flops

11. White linen shorts

12. Lots of color

13. This Ralph Lauren pants and sweater from Dillards

14. A leather Jacket with shoulder pads (a white or grey and a black one would be nice)

15. A pair of studded flat sandals

16. Ripped Jeans

17. This scarf at U.O. that I’ve been eying since Christmas, but hate to pay shipping for

18. A pair of basic (but HOT) pair of black pumps

19. A jumpsuit

20. AA slit leggings

21. Lots more leggings (considering buying stock in American Apparel)

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