It arrived!!

My J. Crew Catalogue arrived today!! Liya is beautiful and did a fabulous job. The spring/summer collection is gorgeous, as usual. The cardigans, cashmere, satin, sequins, embellished tees and pearls sophisticated girly glam that J. Crew has come to be known for. I want this sweater, this top, these shorts in dark ochre and this blazer in pink, this skirt, and this dress. And these sneaks. I tell myself every season, “Self, there’s nothing at J. Crew that you like. It all looks the same!” And then the catalogue arrives, and I tear out all of the pages with the stuff on them that I want, and carry them around in my planner, and look at them every day until I can’t stand it anymore (or they go on sale) and break down and buy them. Piece by piece.  I know. Grrr. I sound obsessed.

I got my first sweater from J. Crew when I was in high school. It was orange. I loved it so much, and so I was extremely upset when I washed it and it shrunk. I was also in denial. I kept on to it and even took it to college with me. I think it was around that time the J. Crew went into sort of a hiatus, and, well kinda fell off. So I was so thrilled when they reinvented themselves just in time for me to start working (rather than going to college and wearing jeans) for a living! I filled my wardrobe with J. Crew pieces. And to know that I have something in common with Michelle Obama! We shop at the same store! I have that sweater! Eek!

P.S. My new Zoya nail polish also arrived today!! yay me!

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