Cat Fight!

Whitney Port  v. Olivia “the Social” Palermo

Monday night on the City, Whit found herself in a little situation. She and Olivia were asked to pull some looks together for the cover shoot for the March issue of  Elle.  Olivia was to take the lead and Whitney assist. The girls couldn’t agree on what to show. Whitney had her eye on a two piece jacket and shorts by Diane Von Furstenberg. Olivia wasn’t feeling it. They ended up including the outfit and when the outfit was a complete success, Olivia took the credit for pulling it!

One of the things I love about Whitney is how she carries herself. She’s always a lady. So, I was holding my breath each (I think it was four) time  Olivia took the credit for pulling the cover look. Whitney didn’t punch her in the mouth, but she did give Olivia a couple of dirty looks. And now she’s faced with the question of whether or not to out Olivia to their boss. Olivia better watch her back!

The Fab Five v. The Ambers

Tuesday on The Bad Girls Club the Fab Five jumped one of the Ambers. Somebody’s going home!

Angelea v.  Sandra

Tonight was the season primier of Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model. Who knew?  Anyway, two of the chics, Angelea (from NY) and Sandra (pronounced Saundra) went at it on the set of a photo shoot!  They almost came to blows! The incident caused Angelea to totally screw up her shoot and she was eliminated. Sandra made it on to the next round and was involved in yet another incident at the house when she was left without a bed to sleep in. What’s up ladies? Let’s show some class!

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